Facts About The Internet

Did you know that, it took almost 4 years for the internet to reach 50,000,000 people…! This was way faster than  Television and Radio because it took almost 13 years for T.V and 18 Years for Radio to reach that mark. This little fact may have blown your mind and this is just a simple fact to illustrate the power of the internet. Show me one place on earth where i can’t find internet usage(please exclude forests,places where monks live etc..; from that list) and i will thank you a million times for sure. Internet is a vast universe where we could learn and find about anything in this world.

It seems that you are amazed by the power of the internet which you can access through your fingertips in a second. But do you know that there is a more powerful hidden internet in this world called as Deep Web which is actually rumored to be 500 times bigger than the internet we use everyday(Surface Web) and you can even buy Firearms, hire assassins on Deep Web. If you want to know more about Deep Web then visit this link :  Everything about Deep Web and How to access Deep Web . Because now you’re gonna learn a few more amazing facts about the internet.

The infographic below shows us 10 amazing facts about the internet that you probably didn’t know about. So check them out now and impress your friends by telling them about these facts.

Amazing Facts About The Internet

10 Amazing Facts About The Internetvia: Zanifesto